Realistically Provoked
Realistically Provoked
11. May 2014


I am taking an oath that when I become successful in the future, I will make sure I will get you all the things you deserve, especially a brand new home. I want to repay you for all the things you had done for both your two Ho Bros.

You had done so much for my brother and I: being both the father and mother figure of the household, providing us food at the dinner table even when you are hungry yourself, having a roof over our heads, and most importantly, sacrificing everything you had ever dreamed of so both of your sons have a chance to achieve our own dreams.

Thank you for being the selfless Mother that you are. Sure, there are times where I question your actions, but in the end, you always want what is best for your sons. 

Deep down, I apologize for my ruckus behaviors throughout my 19 years on Earth, especially when I gave you a lot of “shit.” Now, I do my best to not do that any more. I strive to better myself in hopes of not only helping the community, but potentially being able to make the rest of your life easier than it is then and now. 

Until then, I hold this promise to myself. The greatest thing is that I know Dad is right there next to me to guide me. Don’t worry about your two sons. We’ll get there together.

Love, as one of your two Ho Bros,


25. April 2014

I have been sleeping for about 4-5 hours each day for the past three weeks. Everyday I wake up for a long, 14-hour day (sometimes 19-20) that includes studying, working, attending classes, writing reports, examining data, research, taking exams, and / or interning. Sometimes, after the hard work you put in, the work does not pay off.

This incoming week and the one after are going to be very troublesome. In fact, this whole quarter. However, it will be worth it (as everyone else says.) What makes it worse are the unexpected life events that add unnecessary stress on top of it. Whoop-dee-doo.

Like I said in the title, I cannot back out now. I need to endure the hardships and suck it up. There is always someone else out there who is having it worse than I do.

Today is Friday. So, what am I going to do? And I am not going to GAF about anything and just enjoy myself (after interning and working). Blech.

I think tonight is a good night to sleep for 12 hours. Maybe, I’ll stop by for an ice cream cone and walk around during the night to enjoy the stars.